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Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2017

Quick Lookbook **Todays Outfit** - Lodillys Beauty

Outfit of The day <3

Freitag, 25. November 2016

Three of my Favorite Summer Outfits 2016

Three of my Favorite Summer Outfits 2016

Hey my Loves❤ This time i put three really cute Outfits for you together, for some of you they might be probably to Short , or more of a Party Outfit! I get these pieces all individuell so you can mix and match them each just how you want them😉

First Let me start with One of my Favorite Dress (Btw. I have this dress in Light blue, Baby Pink and Red as well LOL ) The Blue Blazer is also a really cute Accesoire ( since its not really Thick ) But looks so Pretty if you wear it to a Jeans as well !


 The Second Outfit Is a Black very deep cut out Bodysuit, a Black and White Printed High waisted Short and a Gold Metal Belt ( i think the Contrast looks Pretty Nice ) Of course some Nice Laced up Hight Heels to match the whole Outfit🙂


And the Third and Last Outfit is my Personal Favorite Outfit of this Shooting, a Floral Printed Jumpsuit with a Attached Bow Belt on the side, gives you a really nice shilouette. I also Combined it with some Cute Stiletto High Heels and a Black Stone Necklace.
For all The Outfits i had my Makeup pretty Light Toned . Since i am Usually the One Using all these Bright Red Lipsticks LOL😉  I also got all the Outfits from my Favorite Store AGACI
The Pictures were all Taken By my Amazing Talented Husband & Photographer
❤  Tony Jerome❤
SURPREME PHOTOGRAPHY     >>>> >>> Check him out <<< 
Which one of them Did you like most? and would you like to see more of my Favourite Outfits and Style in the Future?? PLease leave me some Feedback Below :*


Dienstag, 7. Juni 2016

Ginuwine and Karlos Farrar - Ice Kream Man Tour - El Paso

My Husband Tony was asked to take the Pictures for Ginuwines and Karlos Farrar's Concert last Friday here in El Paso .
Of course he asked me if i would like to help him assist and record some Videos for him.

Hell Yeah! Since he knew i have always been a huge Ginuwine fan , and even though i have never heard of Karlos Farrar before, but if Ginuwine is on Tour with him, he must be absolutely great too!

So after all the regulations with the manager and with Gio , the other Photographer who actually got Tony In , we got the equipment and went to the El Paso Mesa Music Hall , where people were already lining up! 

ohh soo exciting! 
But before Ginuwine and Karlos Farrar started their Show, we got to see some great Local Acts like HILDA ALARCON and others :) 


Here we go !!!!  Finally Ginuwine came out !!! WHOOP WHOOP 


here are some short Videos for you, of the Concert , it was a Great Show , just Amazing!!!

here is also the Link to SURPREME PHOTOGRAPHY

                            GIO X PHOTOGRAPHY




After A great Show , of course i had to go Backstage and meet Mr. Ginuwine Himself 
at least get a Picture ! 

What a Lucky Girl !!!

Here some Pics for you :

So if Ginuwine and Karlos Farrar - Ice Kream Man Tour  are coming to your City 
you def. gotta go!!! 

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